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Thanks to Mozilla's Firefox broswer

Jam Net Computers customer are always complaining that the computer freezes whenever they open the friendster website.

I already had experienced this problem already since the friendster implemented the advertising code on their website. I didn’t know how to fix it, and that I know I couldn’t fix it because the problem was on the codes of the friendster engine.

But one day, while I was reading news regarding the Firefox browser, a theory came to my mind… that maybe the real problem lies on my browser, the Internet Explorer 5.5. I think I haven’t downloaded the patches for the browser.

So, why not try Firefox. They said that it was a good browser because it has security features which Netscape and Internet Explorer do not.

After downloading, I immediately installed the free software of Mozilla Foundation. And then I tried to open the friendster website.

At last! My mind scream, for friendster website run smoothly with the firefox. I don’t need the Google Toolbar to protect me from popups because it already has.

Thanks to Firefox browser, our customers seized on complaining.

Computer problem due to dial-up configuration

The computer stops responding every 3 minute for about 5 seconds. This is the complaint of a man called himself "Menting" regarding his computer.

The computer has Pentium III 566 processor, 32mb RAM, 32mb Video Graphics card, 10GB Harddisk, LAN, Internal Modem, and other motherboard-builtin computer parts.

As the man told me his observation on the working condition of his computer, computer viruses has came into my mind. I thought his computer was already infected by certain viruses. So I check first the files saved onthe harddisk, and then the programs intalled for possible traces of viruses, but I found nothing. From the symptoms given, the probable cause must be a virus, otherwise there was a program which activate itself every 3 minutes for about 5 seconds.

So, I tried to check what program was activating which cause the computer to hang-up, by pressing at the same time the CTRL, ALT and Delete keyboard buttons. Thus, from the CLOSE PROGRAM Dialogue, Dial-up was listed there.

At last I found the problem. It was the Dial-up which was activating every 5 minutes for about 3 seconds. It was configured to dial every time the connection was not present. That was my findings, although I haven't yet checked the properties of the Dial-up.

And I was not wrong because this is really the cause of the computer operation disturbance. The Dial-up was trying to dial the default number if it was not connected to the internet. And during the dialing, the computer seems stopped responding.

Tetris and the Cellery worm

Are playing the tetris game on your computer? If so, are you the one who installed the game? If not, or none of your computer user installed that, then your computer is most likely infected by a worm called cellery.

A worm, dubbed Cellery-A (W32/Cellery-A), which poses as a playable version of the classic Russian computer game Tetris has been detected in the wild, security experts have warned.

The Cellery worm, which gets its name from a message it displays saying 'Chancellery', makes changes to Windows settings to ensure that it automatically runs when the operating system starts up.

While the Tetris-like arcade game is running, the worm plays a MIDI music tune, and searches for other network drives and attached computers to also try and infect. (source)


Refilling black ink

An attendant of a certain computer cafe here in Quezon City while refilling the black ink cartridge of his Hewlett Packard 3650 printer.
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