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Change The Font Color

Question: Question: I am doing my research in the internet and when I found articles regarding my topic, I highlighted it, copy and paste it into the Microsoft Word. I know I already have pasted the article to the document, but the problem is I didn’t see anything on it. When I repeatedly have done the pasting, the document pages increased. What may be the problem with it? - by a customer of the Jam Net Computer Centers

Answer: There was no problem on it. The font color of article you pasted on the document is the same with the color of the document's background, and that's the reason why you didn't see anything, when in fact you have successfully pasted it. So to change the font color, highlight the whole document by pressing CTRL-A then change the color of the font from white to black.

MS-DOS Prompt for Games.pif: A Virus

Since September 2004, wherein students started to be busy doing their projects and other requirements, a DOS-shortcut in PIF format started to occupy every folders found in the floppy drives even in the hard disk. At first I thought it was just an ordinary file created during the activation of any DOS files, but I noticed that it always leaves its copy to all folders that I am trying to open. It’s not normal Windows activity already.

So, I then started to investigate and study the behavior of this file. And I found out that this is the product of a malicious codes embedded in file folder.htt which is activated by the special file Desktop.ini.

This is just another modified variant of virus similar to that of what I called, Hedda Marie Virus. But this time, it uses another dummy file MS-DOS Prompt for Games.pif.

I tried to use my updated Norton antivirus software to identify the virus, but it seems my installed antivirus is not smart enough to identify it.

I need to deactivate this virus. So I tried to configure Windows Folder Option to Show All Files, and then I search for the files folder.htt, desktop.ini and *.pif. And then I deleted all found folder.htt, desktop.ini and MS-DOS Prompt for Games.pif files. After that, I restarted my computer.

I thought everything is already fine. But when I open a folder, this MS-DOS Prompt for Games.pif file is saving its copy to it. I have no choice but to disable the registry entry of folder.htt, and desktop.ini. After deleting it, I then restart again the computer, and the result is fine.

My computer is again running smoothly. But I need to delete the infected files to avoid infecting my computer again. So, I do the search of the 3 wanted files and I deleted them all. And now, its free again from virus.

Saving HP Printer's Ink

When we started our business, the Computer Rentals and Internet Cafe, we experienced problem in saving the ink of our HP Printers. We're selling our printing services for P7.00 /shortpage and P10.00/longpage, that was on the year 2001. Too dear isn't it, but we're not still gaining, since we're using the original HP cartridge cost P1,500.00 for blak and P1,750.00 for colored.

For one whole night of studying the Windows configuration for the HP printer and possible ways to save ink, I finally got the solution for it.

1. The paper quality option on the Windows configuration should be set to DRAFT or FAST DRAFT.
2. Instead of using original brand new cartridge of the HP printers, we can use blank cartridge by refilling it with the refill ink available in the market.

After applying the said solutions, we gained higher than before, and we're not afraid of lowering the price for our printing services just to win the heart of our customers.

Now, the rate of our printing services is as lower as P2.00/shortpage black and P3.00/longpage black, and our colored printing ranges from P4.00 to P50.00 /page long or short page.

New Product: Sony Micro Vault and Sony Micro Vault Pro USB Storage Media

Sony Micro Vault and Sony Micro Vault Pro USB Storage Media

Sony Micro Vault Posted by Hello
It is fast, capacious and desirable. Files can be instantly shared including large multimedia files, school projects or business presentations. It needs no additional driver to be installed. The storage capacity rages from 64 Megabyte to up to 2 Gigabyte.

Support: Hardisk Fails To Boot

Question: Windows XP and Windows 98 were installed on my hardisk before it became infected by viruses. When I haven't found a remedy on recovering my files, I decided to reformat my hardisk. After reformatting it, I install Windows 98 only, but I found a problem with it. I successfully installed the OS but it fails to boot during startup. What might be the reason behind it? (From Glad of Quezon City)


Did you deleted the NTFS partition of your harddisk or you directly formatted you hardisk using the FORMAT.COM file on your Windows 98 installation disk? NTFS is the file system used by the Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows NT operating system of Microsoft. Now, if you decided to use the Windows98 system only, then you should delete first the partition on the NT Files System so that, the computer will directly boot its system using the Windows98 installed on the your harddisk. Use the FDISK.EXE to delete the NTFS partition.

1. Boot your computer using the Startup disk of your Windows98 system.
2. On the DOS prompt c:\ type a:\fdisk then press ENTER.
3. You will be ask whether you will ENABLE THE LARGE DISK SUPPORT, just press Y.
4. Then press 3 for delete partition.
5. Then press 4 for delete non-DOS partition.
6. Then follow the rest of the instructions.

Maybe it is needed to set the remaining partition as the primary DOS partition. But if it needs to format the partition then do it and then install your Windows98 again.

Tip/Trick: Undo Commands

There are times that we need to undo commands while using our computer or any application software but we don’t find any undo button. You don’t have to worry since we have an undo command using a keyword stroke. What you need is to press CTRL-Z to undo.

CTRL-Z is applicable also even in Windows Explorer, although it is normally used in MSOffice applications.

Note: CTRL-Z is not applicable if you deleted a file while pressing the SHIFT key.

Tips: Annoying Drawing Canvas

Question: I am using the Microsoft Word XP. When I tried to use its drawing tools, a drawing canvas appear on the document that give me difficulty in editing my drawing. Could it be configured in a way that it will not appear when I click any drawing tool in the drawing tool bar?


1. Click TOOLS then OPTIONS
2. On the OPTIIONS Dialogue, click the GENERAL tab
4. Then press OK
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