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7 Ways To Increase The Speed Of Your PC

Computer >>> Laptop

If you're tired of having a slow computer that crawls to a halt whenever you open up multiple windows, here are 7 tips guaranteed to increase the speed and performance of your computer.

1) Disk Defragmenter

This comes free with Windows. By analysing your computer files and defragmenting, this puts the files in your computer in order so that the accessing time reduces for the hard disk.

2) Remove Startup programs

Ever experienced long booting times? That's because every time your computer boots up, it has been instructed to load up a software application. Use RegClean to see what these files are and delete them.

3) Turn off visual effects

By going to your control panel and system, you can turn of the visual effects of your computer. Less resources spent on glamour goes to speeding up the opening time of your folders and internet explorer.

4) Overclock your PC

This one is for the pros. Overclocking your PC will give you boost to your computer's speed.

5) Registry Cleaner

A registry cleaner scans for errors in your registry. Your computer registry contains information about your computer and certain data that is no longer required in your computer which is linked to a software stays in your registry even though the software has been uninstalled. The more clutter you have in your computer the more work your hard disk needs to do.

6) Get more RAM

The more RAM, the better. Try to have at least 1Gig of RAM, this will certainly increase the speed of your Microsoft Windows, Excel, Photoshop applications and allow you to open multiple windows without a decrease in speed.

7) Use Reg Cure or Reg Fix

These are the top of the line registry cleaners that clean up the obsolete data in your computer. These registry cleaners scan for errors such as COM/ActiveX Entries, Font Entries, Shared DLLs, Empty Registry Keys, Program Short Cuts that no longer exist and removes them. An additional resource to turbo charge your PC can be found at

Speed up your computer with registry cleaners.
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