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Creating PDF Files with No ADOBE

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How to Create PDF Files without Adobe

When dealing with other companies electronically, you will want to keep the integrity of your files. One solution is using a type of file called a PDF file. These files end with .pdf extension. PDF file are used by businesses to send important documents like contracts and proposals to other businesses. This type of file is used because it is more difficult to edit the document. PDF files are also use on web pages as they can be viewed in your Internet browser when you use a PDF viewer like the one provide by Adobe for free. Also, people do not use the same word processor so this means that they will not be able to open your document if they do not have the same program as you. With PDF file, anybody can view them by getting a free viewer from the Internet.

One way to create a PDF file is to use the Adobe suite of software. These programs can be costly and I will provide a way to create a PDF file by using some capabilities on your computer and some free software which can be found on the Internet.

This method has a two step process to create the PDF file. You must first create a postscript file of your document. A postscript file is just your document being printed to a file on your hard drive instead to your printer. These files usually have an extension of .ps. You will have to set up your computer to create this file.

Here are the steps to create the file:

1. You must create a new printer association for your computer. You accomplish this by going to Control Panel icon in the Start menu.
Once the dialog is opened, click on the Printer and Faxes icon.
Click on Add a printer and click the Next button.
Make sure that only Local printer attached to this computer is selected and click the Next button.
Make sure that Use the following port: is selected and choose FILE: (Print to file) in the drop down box.
Once all this is accomplished, click the Next button.

I prefer to Tektronix Phaser 300i as the printer driver that I utilized.
Select the driver that you want (driver that end with PS are usually only used to created postscript files).
After selecting which driver that you want, click the Next button.

You can use the Printer name provided by Windows or create your own. I also suggest that you select No for Do you want to use this printer as the default printer?
When you are ready; click the Next button.

Choose Do not share this printer and click the Next button.

Select No for Do you want to print a test page? Click the Next button. Finally, click the Finish button to create your new printer icon on your computer.

If you now look in your Printer and Faxes dialog, you should see the new icon of the printer.

2.After you have finished editing your document, you must now create the postscript file.
In MS Word, choose the menu option File->Print….

In the dialog that appears at the top, make sure that the printer selected is the new one you created in the preceding step. If it is not, select the printer from the drop down box. When you have selected the printer, press the OK button on the bottom and provide a location on the hard drive and name for the postscript file. The program will now create the postscript file at the specified location.

Now that you have your postscript file, you must convert it to PDF format. This is done by getting two files from the Internet called Ghostscript and GSview.

Here are the steps to convert your postscript file:

1. Download gsvXXw32.exe (for GSView) where XX is the version number. I located the file here:
2. Download gsXXXw32.exe (for Ghostscript ) where XXX is the version number. I located the file here:
3. Install both programs in the order that you choose.
4. Open GSView and you will prompted to choose a version of Ghostscript.

Once you have installed the two programs, you are ready to create your PDF file.
1. Double click your .ps file which you have already created. GSView should open with your postscript file.
2. Click the following menu selection File->Convert.
3. In the Device: box, choose pdfwrite. Select the resolution that you want (Larger resolution means a larger file and better quality. You can test this to see which resolution that you prefer). Select the pages that you want to convert and click OK.
4. You will be prompted to name your file and you should use the .pdf extension (mydoc.pdf). Click Save and you are done.

This method is very economical and it makes sense to send PDF file when dealing with sensitive documents to make sure that people are not able to make changes after the fact. By doing this, you will look more professional and have an easy way to distribute your documents over the Internet.

Copyright 2006 Greg Doucet. All rights reserved.

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Greg Doucet is a consultant whose main purpose is helping businesses grow and expand while enjoying life. His philosophy is to provide value first, help people in their endeavors and have fun while doing his work.

He accepts consulting assignment that will contribute to business’ profitability and realize their goal of running a successful business.

He has a Computer Science degree which is complimented by a MBA. He is also a member of Toastmaster and Junior Chamber International where he enjoys meeting new people. He is always ready to provide excellent advice to people that are ready to put in the effort to improve their business and personal lives.

On Computer Advancement

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Advancements in Computer Technology

With technology progressing as fast as it is at the present, it is a wonder we do not have a new mass-marketed gadget appearing every few minutes. Personal computers, once predicted to be owned by a mere handful of individuals, are everywhere nowadays. If you are a student a personal computer is virtually a necessity. Accompanying the ever-increasing popularity of the personal computer is a plethora of gadgets and technological advancements. Though it may not be every few minutes, it seems as though every couple of months we hear about a computer with more storage space or a new device that one can connect to their computer.

Some devices that appear on the market are either completely superfluous or not so accessible to the entirety of the population, whether it is because of their cost or their limited supply. The costly devices are reserved to those who can afford them, until some new gadget replaces them and the price of these machines decreases, much like any new technology that appears on the market. Those gadgets, which are unnecessary, are not overly practical and the market for these creations is comprised mainly of those with an affinity for such devices. Inventions like webcams, while they are certainly fun to play with, are essentially unnecessary as they have no bearing on the actual operation of the computer and are used largely for leisure computer activities.

The more purposeful advancements in computer technology revolve around those, which increase the computers ability to manage certain tasks and those, which increase the storage space of the computer. Many personal computer owners find themselves craving more space to store songs or various other files and often wishing that their computer were faster. Though many computers produced today have a excessive storage space, that is, it is nearly impossible to fill a personal computer to capacity, these types of advancements permit a much speedier and more efficient functioning computer.

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Make Your Computer Run Faster

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3 Simple Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster

First of all, there are two ways to make your computer run faster: hardware and software. Hardware boosting involves upgrading and adding new components to the computer to increase its speed and performance. Typical upgrades include installing more memory, purchasing a better motherboard or getting a better processor.

Software optimization, on the other hand, does not require purchasing anything; it only requires that you optimize and fine tune your software set up and installation to make your computer run faster. Here are a few ways to accomplish this type of optimization.

1. Uninstall unneeded applications – Over the course of your computer’s lifetime you may have installed a bevy of applications, many of which you do not need anymore. If this is the case, then now is the time to get rid of them. This will make your computer run faster, and more efficiently.

Start off by going through your uninstall menu and look for applications that you do not need anymore. These programs will usually have their own uninstall routines that will remove all files and services they may have installed.

Most applications install applications that eat up not only disk space, but valuable RAM. As you computer starts up, these programs start up too, eating precious processor time as well.

Some programs do not have their own uninstall routines. You may have to use custom uninstall applications to remove these files from your computer. Make sure these applications remove both the program and the supporting files it is packaged with. Also make sure that registry entries regarding this application are also removed.

2. Defrag at all costs – Run a defragmenter application regularly. Data in a hard disk is not necessarily stored in a contiguous manner. This means that when your hard disks read data, it has to jump from platter to platter, sector to sector just to get a file in its entirety.

If your data is located contiguously, then this problem could be avoided, saving your hard disk valuable read time. And as a result of this effort, your computer could experience faster disk reads and an improvement in computer speeds from 30% up to 100%.

3. Check for Viruses - Install a handy antivirus to help weed out those pesky codes that could seriously compromise your data’s security, integrity while slowing your computer at the same time. A well-infested computer will typically grind to halt as malicious code use and abuse precious computer resources.

There are many antiviral agents around, aside from installing such, avoid the spread of viruses by making sure you only use removable media that is from verified sources. Also, be careful of the sites you visit as they could contain online malicious code.

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5 Reasons To Purchase Desktop Computers

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If you are in the market for a computer, there are a number of factors to consider. Will it be used for your home, your office or perhaps even your home office combo? First off, you will need to set a budget for your new purchase before deciding whether to shop for notebook or desktop computers. Many offices use desktop computers because they are not intended to be moved around a lot. In addition, affordability often plays a large role in someone’s decision as to whether to purchase notebook or desktop computers.If you are in the market for a computer, there are a number of factors to consider. Will it be used for your home, your office or perhaps even your home office combo? First off, you will need to set a budget for your new purchase before deciding whether to shop for notebook or desktop computers. Many offices use desktop computers because they are not intended to be moved around a lot. In addition, affordability often plays a large role in someone’s decision as to whether to purchase notebook or desktop computers.

While you are shopping around, it’s important to keep in mind some of the benefits that go along with owning different types of computers. To that end, this article provides five important reasons to purchase desktop computers.

- Desktop computers are typically much more affordable than notebook computers. With notebooks, you are paying more for the convenience of portability. For as little as $299.00, desktop computers can be purchased from one of the leading manufacturers and a notebook computer for as little as $499.00.

- Unlike notebook computers, replacing a keyboard, mouse, speakers or even a monitor does not require having your computer serviced by a professional repair shop. Because notebook computers have everything built in, including the aforementioned features, it is more difficult to replace a keyboard or monitor as opposed to desktop computers, which operate on external connections.

- In the event of an unlawful entry into your home, desktop computers are not as likely to be stolen because of their weight and bulk. Notebook computers, on the other hand, are small and portable. This, alone, makes them more appealing to a thief than desktop computers.

- Desktop computers are stationary by nature. Unlike a notebook computer, which can easily be moved from room to room, they are less likely to be dropped or broken because they are not moved as often.

- The vents on desktop computers are located on the back of the tower, which allows for proper ventilation that will help to prevent the computer from overheating. Notebook computers, on the other hand, feature only one vent on the back with the remaining underneath the base. If placed on a table, the air vents can become blocked and the computer may overheat. If prolonged use leads to overheating, damage may result.

When choosing from the many desktop computers on the market, always make sure that you purchase from a manufacturer who has experience in creating computers. Even though they are more affordable than notebooks, desktop computers are not cheap. With an investment that involves several hundred dollars, you will want to consider the length of time the manufacturer has been in business, their reputation with customers and their warranty.

Additionally, when choosing any system, including desktop computers, always look at the potential for future upgrading. As you grow, you will want your computer to grow with you and a part of that will include a slight upgrade from time to time. This is the only way to get the best use of your desktop computers and make sure that your investment is one that lasts for years to come.

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