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Overwrite Status

Jam.Net Customer: When I am typing words inside a pre-written paragraph, the character in front of the cursor will be deleted. How could I correct this?

Jam.Net Technician: Ma'am, your computer is currently in overwrite mode. That is the reason why the character in front of the cursor will be deleted when you're typing. To change this status, just press the INSERT button on your keyboard. And notice, by pressing the said button, the OVR on the status bar of your Word Processor will be lighted or unlighted. If it lights, it means the overwrite status is on, and if unlighted the overwrite status is off. And if the overwrite status is on, the character in front of the cursor will be automaticall y deleted as you type. If the overwrite status is off, every thing you type before a character will be inserted without deleting the character in front of the cursor.

Buying Notebook Computer

Last week a friend of mine asked me to buy a notebook computer for him. I was really confused what kind of notebook computer I was going to buy. So, I just went to the computer shopping center in New Manila, Quezon City, and tried to study the features of every notebook computer displayed on every computer store, until such time that I realized these things which should be considered:
  1. The specification. What do you want your notebook computer has? 80 Gb harddisk, 528 Memory, 256 VGA, bluetooth technology, infrared, Card reader, Modem, Wifi ready, light weight ...
  2. Price Range. How much is your budget for it? (All in Philippine Peso) 70,000 to 100,000.00?

Then after coming up the list of specification you wanted your notebook computer has, then it is now the time to choose a brand of computer you are go to buy. Go straight to the notebook computer dealer or distributor then asked the sales person of the notebook computer with the specification you have. Let them give you the list of brands of computers that meet your needs with their last price offer.

So, you have to compare the different brand of computers. Consider always each of their POGI-POINTS, since every brand of computers, although they contained the specified parts you wanted them to contain but still there are additional POGI-POINTS features which affects the price of it.

After coming up the decision, it's now time to deal with the price. Although they give you already the lowest price they can offer, but you can still deal with it to lower it more. Maybe, for example if you still want to buy a printer or any additional items. Include them as a package and ask more discounts.

If you meet already in a certain price, then its time to buy na. But don't forget to ask for warranty and if the leather casing are included with it. It is better too, if it has users manual. Kasi, there are notebook computer sold in the market without this manual.

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